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BlueStar Media

BC United is proud to be part of the Blue Star Travel Team family.  Blue Star Media is the largest media provider for women's basketball, amateur to professional, worldwide. They have working members in North America and Europe and their scouts provide comprehensive player evaluations for college programs at every level. In 2007, Blue Star Media created the Blue Star Travel Team family with five programs. It has since grown to nearly 50 programs covering 25 states/provinces across North America.

Their directive is simple:

  1. Find programs with consistent college level prospects that can compete annually on a national stage.

  2. Provide geographic diversity. They seek out long standing organizations with decades of history in girls basketball. They also continue to find the next generation of grassroots leaders within our sport.

Mike Flynn created Blue Star Media and is a close friend of the Select program. His knowledge is instrumental with our players and their networking outreach during the recruiting process. Flynn has been voted the most influential person in grassroots girls' basketball and is heavily involved with growing and bettering the game across the globe.

USJN is also owned by Mike Flynn and is one of the longest running organization in girls basketball operating travel team tournaments across the country since the mid 1980s. USJN has been sponsored by Nike for nearly 20 years. Over the course of the past three years, USJN has organized nearly 120 travel team tournaments covering over 20 different states. During that span, over 9,500 teams have competed and nearly 10,000 college coaches of all levels have attended to evaluate the players.

Our partnerships with Blue Star Media and USJN are tremendously valuable to both our organization and our players. The platform provided, the competition played and the exposure gained are powerful tools in helping our players reach their goals. We are 1 of ONLY 2 programs in all of Canada with this sponsorship. 

West Coast Sports Alliance

BC United is also a proud member of the West Coast Sports Alliance. The WCSA is made up of seven of the top programs on the west coast including Arizona Selects, Cal Sparks, Oakland Soldiers, Golden City, Team Fast, Northwest Magic and BC United. Our goal is to offer high quality tournament events, competition and maximum exposure for teams and players that participate in our events.

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