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What is BC UNITED?

BC UNITED, the only shoe company sponsored program in Western Canada, is an association of basketball clubs which have teamed up to provide high performance training and competitive play by bringing our most elite level basketball players together on one team.

Why are clubs choosing to “UNITE”?

Currently there is no overarching governing body for club basketball associations in British Columbia. It is our hopes that this initiative will bring basketball clubs together under a unified governing body that collectively supports the growth and development of youth basketball in the province of British Columbia.

What distinguishes BC UNITED from other programs?

BC United is an association of basketball clubs throughout British Columbia and as such, works in unison with each member club to provide a quality basketball experience for both players and their families. This collaborative approach is supportive of each individual program while providing the best possible resources, coaching, player development, competitive scheduling and exposure to post- secondary and national team recruiting for our premiere athletes.

What happens if I am not selected to be on a BC UNITED Team?

Each affiliate club (3D, Athelite, FYBA, VSC, & BC Bounce) will continue to provide competitive programs at the Select and Elite levels, thereby allowing players who are not chosen for a BC United team to continue their development.

How much does it cost to play for BC UNITED?

BC United is a cost recovery program. Prices are still being determined and will be out before our next ID Camp. 

Where will BC UNITED practices be held?

The practices will be held at various locations across the Lower Mainland and the Fraser Valley. Once the coaches have been determined, a definitive schedule (practice / game times, location, etc.) highlighting the specific details for each team will be shared with team members.

Where does BC United travel?

We are the ONLY shoe company circuit sponsored in BC. Our teams play on the Official Under Armour GUAA & Rise travel circuits as well as competition in BC, WA, & OR. We are tentatively scheduled to travel to Washington, Philadelphia, Louisville, Indianapolis and Atlanta.

Is it important to attend all of the ID Camps?

As selection to a BC United team will be very competitive, we encourage invited players to make attempts to attend all identification camps which are held regional as well as playing for an affiliate program. This will allow your child the fullest opportunity to showcase their abilities.

What do we look for in potential BC UNITED athletes?

BC United focuses on Talent Identification vs. Talent Selection. This distinction acknowledges the fact that children mature at various stages and may be early or late developers. Our goal is to select individuals who are currently playing at a competitive baseline level, while demonstrating upsides to eventually compete at the post-secondary (both domestic and international) or national team levels. The following include, but are not restricted to, some of the characteristics that we are looking for: Attitude, Work Ethic, Coachability, Commitment, Basketball Intelligence, Skill-sets, Athleticism and Grit.

Is BC United supported by Canada Basketball?

As an association of basketball clubs in British Columbia, BC United is committed to working with our national basketball organization in support of the development of youth basketball and competitive play for our elite athletes. In the past five years, no other club has sent more players to represent our country than BC United.

How does BC United Support the Post-Secondary Recruiting Process?

Through high level coaching, training and competitive play, BC United is committed to providing our elite athletes with the foremost in player development opportunities. The game and tournament schedules will provide both challenges and opportunities to experience successes. Athletes who are interested in playing at the collegiate level, whether in Canada or in the United States, will have opportunities to showcase their talents during viewing competitions. BC United players and their families will receive guidance and support in how to best approach the recruiting and the university/college section process.

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